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Comic Book Outsiders Episode 141

May 1, 2012

In this rather special episode Scott and Steve kick off with some news about CBO before moving on to some comic book, movie and TV news. Don’t forget our current book club selection which is Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear. We will be discussing the 2012 Arthur C. Clarke Shortlisted novel on week commencing Monday 4th June, which gives you roughly 5 weeks to read it and send in your thoughts and feedback via twitter, facebook or email. Contact details are at the end of the episode.

The Avengers delivers

New Marvel movies from Fox

Fringe Season 5

China Miéville writes for DC Comics

Sat 5th May – Free Comic Book Day

Free Serenity comic – Free Comic Book Day

Looper – New SF movie – trailer

For our Main Feature we have the return of Challenge Scott. Steve pitches three comics and tries to get Scott interested enough to pick up at least one of them. We are planning to have a return to this segment in a few weeks time to see which books Scott picked up from this episode and what he thought of them.

The Manhattan Projects from Image by Jonathan Hickman

Peter Panzerfaust from Image by Kurtis J. Wiebe

Saga from Image by Brian K. Vaughan


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 141 – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 139

April 3, 2012

In this episode Steve is flying solo as Scott is off exploring the galaxy. This episode kicks off with a bit of news and reviews, including some forthcoming comics from Image, news about the BattleStar Galactics prequel series, Blood and Chrome, and news of a new TV series based on a comic.

OCT comes to TV

Chris Staros to teach at SCAD

SyFy Channel – BSG: Blood and Chrome

Revival – New series from Image comics – Seeley and Norton

Sunset – OGN from Minataur Press – Top Cow – Christos Gage

New Atomic Robo series from Red 5 Comics

For our main feature Steve spoke with Tom Hunter the award Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Award. This year there has been some controversy over the 2012 shortlist. Last year we asked our listeners to vote on their favourite from the 2011 shortlist and they chose Zoo City which then went on to win the Clarke. We also managed to speak to Lauren Beukes about Zoo City. This year we’re doing something similar with the Book Club. Click on the following link to vote on which of the 2012 Clarke Shortlist you would like the Book Club to read. Whichever book gets the most votes will be the next choice after the current one. The winner will be announced in two weeks time.

Click here to vote for the next Book Club selection

CBO episode 139 – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 97

November 18, 2010

In this episode Scott and Steve talk about some of the latest TV, film and comics news from the last few weeks. Also, just a quick reminder, our next book club selection is Masked, from the Gallery Imprint of Simon and Schuster, an anthology of superhero stories from a number of famous comic book, TV and SF writers which is edited by Lou Anders. We spoke to Lou Anders about the collection and how it came together and you can listen to the interview in the next episode which will be released later today. The deadline for the book club is the middle of January so pick up a copy, get involved and send us your feedback and comments.

Episode 97 – Direct Download


Comics and Fantasy Authors

August 18, 2010

For the last couple of weeks over on Steve’s Fantasy Book Reviews blog I’ve been chatting to different fantasy authors about how they got into comics, what they like reading and what they are looking forward to. A lot of fantasy and SF might be comic book readers, but there are still plenty that have never tried them. Also SFF fans tend to be more open minded so this seemed like a perfect chance to do a bit of cross pollinating and get them to take a look. Here are some quick links to the different posts. I’ve also started doing comic book reviews on the blog as well so check back regularly for updates there.

Week 1 – Sam Sykes – author of the Tome of the Undergates

Week 2 – Adrian Tchaikovsky – author of the Shadows of the Apt series

Week 3 – Patrick Rothfuss – author of The Name of the Wind

Week 4 – Mark Charan Newton – author of Nights of Villjamur and City of Ruin. This post will be up on the blog next Wednesday from 9am.


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 85

July 7, 2010

In this episode Scott is still offline and without internet connectivity as he moves house. Steve is joined by Dave Williams, one half of the Waiting For The Trade UK comics podcast. They begin with some news and reviews, talking about some of the biggest comic news stories of the last few weeks as well as movie casting rumours, forthcoming conventions and events and some announcements made by the larger comic book publishers.

For the main feature they discuss the future of comics, specifically in the wake of recent announcements about digital comics. The two biggest comic book publishers have both made some recent commitments to digital comics and have experimented with some same day releases, putting out a digital book and physical comic. We discuss this but also wider issues including buying habits, pricing, distribution, bonuses and benefit schemes, the future of retailers, piracy and the possible future of the monthly comic. It’s a huge subject and despite talking for quite a while we barely scratch the surface, so let us know your thoughts via the forums, email, twitter or the Facebook group.

Don’t forget, our current book club selection is Stranger in a Strange Land, and the deadline to send in your comments is the week commencing 26th July. If you have any suggestions for future book club selections you can also send those in too.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 85 – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 84

June 22, 2010

In this episode Scott and Steve kick off the show with some news and reviews. We discuss current and new TV shows, digital comics and some recent developments with MGM and there is also some gaming chat. Remember our current Book Club selection is Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and we will be discussing it w/c 26th July, so pick up a copy, send us your feedback and get involved.

For our main feature we’re joined by Robert Venditti, the writer of The Surrogates, from Top Shelf comics. Last year we spoke to Robert just before the movie adaptation, starring Bruce Willis, was released in cinemas, and this time we talk about his experiences of the build up to the movie and its development from the printed page to the silver screen. We discuss his first impressions of the movie and the differences between the graphic novel and the movie. We also talk about the Surrogates prequel graphic novel, Flesh and Bone, and his plans for a third graphic novel, as well as his other work in progress, including adaptations and a new GN coming out this November from Top Shelf, The Homeland Directive.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 84 – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 82

June 2, 2010

In this episode Scott and Steve start off with some news and reviews, looking at new genre movies slated for the next year. We look at new TV shows coming up, our initial thoughts on them as well as forthcoming remakes and reboots, and we look at which shows were cut. Previews and trailers of the new TV shows are available on the forums.

For our main feature we discuss the ending of TV shows with the recent end of Lost. There are no major spoilers for Lost, but we discuss the themes of Lost and what we thought of the ending, as well as discussing the mechanics of what makes a good ending. We look back at some of the great and the good and which shows were the most satisfying for us and the reasons why.

Don’t forget out current book club selection is Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, and we’ll be discussing it week commencing 26th July, so there is still loads of time to pick up a copy and send us your comments and feedback for the discussion.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 82 – Direct Download