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Comic Book Outsiders Bristol Special: Transmedia Panel

July 20, 2012

Remember our current Book Club selection is ‘The Once and Future King’ and that we’re quickly approaching our finale episode 150 live extravaganza!

This is a recording of the Transmedia panel from the Bristol Comic Convention back in May 2012.  On the panel Scott, Stephen Downey, Barry Nugent and Corey Brotherson talk about the challenges and opportunities presented by telling stories across different media.

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Comic Book Outsiders Episode 147

July 2, 2012

Remember our current book club selection is ‘The Once and Future King’ by T. H. White.  It’s a big book, but an easy read, so there’s still time to tell us what you think.  Comic Book Outsiders will be ending in it’s current form at episode 150 with our live extravaganza, listen to the start of the episode for dates!

Scott and Steve start with the usual news and reviews before moving on to discuss a couple of their own ‘Room 101’s.  What geek and genre things would they choose to consign to oblivion forever?  Be prepared for some surprises and a good old CBO style rant or two!

DC to conduct second new 52 survey

The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin returns to TV – 10 July UK air date.

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Comic Book Outsiders Special: Bristol White Knuckle Panel

June 13, 2012

Welcome to the first of three special episodes of Comic Book Outsiders.  These were all recorded at the Bristol Comic Book Convention in May 2012.  In this episode we talk about White Knuckle, the Markosia published graphic novel written by Cy Dethan, with art by Vallia Kapadai and letters by Nic Wilkinson.

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The Book Club – Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear

June 6, 2012

Scott and Steve discuss Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear, the hard sci-fi novel that narrowly missed out on this year’s Clarke Award.  They both find the book a bit of a struggle but touch upon some of the highs and lows they experienced when reading it.

In stark contrast is the next book club selection, ‘The Once and Future King’ by T. H. White.  A retelling of the Arthurian myth which has been referenced many times in pop culture including The X-Men, Babylon 5 and Merlin.  This is quite a lot book, but a very light read.  Because of it’s length were giving you extra time to get reading and we’ll talk about the book on Monday 6th August 2012.  Contact details are at the end of the show.

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Comic Book Outsiders Episode 142!

May 18, 2012

Remember our current book club selection is Hull Zero 3 by Greg Bear.  We’ll be talking about this on Monday 4th June so there’s still plenty of time to get reading!

A light new week this episode but Scott talks about his busy Bristol Comic Convention and nobody seems particularly devastated about the list of recently cancelled shows.

Avengers Box office breaks $1 billion
Arrow – full season picked up - CW  
For their main feature Scott and Steve talk about 'Y: The Last Man', written by Brian K Vaughn the amazing 60 issue epic about the last human male on Earth.  There are some spoilers towards the end of the episode but plenty of warning!
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The Book Club – Rendevous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke

April 22, 2012

In this episode of the Book Club we talk about Rendevous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke.  Scott starts with an apology because despite suggesting it he mistook it for a different one!  We talk about the innovation and great ideas in the book but despite being a classic it certainly has it’s flaws.

Our next book club selection is the Clarke Award nominated Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear  We’ll be talking about it in 6-8 weeks so get reading and let us know what you think!

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Comic Book Outsiders Episode 139

April 3, 2012

In this episode Steve is flying solo as Scott is off exploring the galaxy. This episode kicks off with a bit of news and reviews, including some forthcoming comics from Image, news about the BattleStar Galactics prequel series, Blood and Chrome, and news of a new TV series based on a comic.

OCT comes to TV

Chris Staros to teach at SCAD

SyFy Channel – BSG: Blood and Chrome

Revival – New series from Image comics – Seeley and Norton

Sunset – OGN from Minataur Press – Top Cow – Christos Gage

New Atomic Robo series from Red 5 Comics

For our main feature Steve spoke with Tom Hunter the award Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Award. This year there has been some controversy over the 2012 shortlist. Last year we asked our listeners to vote on their favourite from the 2011 shortlist and they chose Zoo City which then went on to win the Clarke. We also managed to speak to Lauren Beukes about Zoo City. This year we’re doing something similar with the Book Club. Click on the following link to vote on which of the 2012 Clarke Shortlist you would like the Book Club to read. Whichever book gets the most votes will be the next choice after the current one. The winner will be announced in two weeks time.

Click here to vote for the next Book Club selection

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