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Comic Book Outsiders Episode 141

May 1, 2012

In this rather special episode Scott and Steve kick off with some news about CBO before moving on to some comic book, movie and TV news. Don’t forget our current book club selection which is Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear. We will be discussing the 2012 Arthur C. Clarke Shortlisted novel on week commencing Monday 4th June, which gives you roughly 5 weeks to read it and send in your thoughts and feedback via twitter, facebook or email. Contact details are at the end of the episode.

The Avengers delivers

New Marvel movies from Fox

Fringe Season 5

China MiƩville writes for DC Comics

Sat 5th May – Free Comic Book Day

Free Serenity comic – Free Comic Book Day

Looper – New SF movie – trailer

For our Main Feature we have the return of Challenge Scott. Steve pitches three comics and tries to get Scott interested enough to pick up at least one of them. We are planning to have a return to this segment in a few weeks time to see which books Scott picked up from this episode and what he thought of them.

The Manhattan Projects from Image by Jonathan Hickman

Peter Panzerfaust from Image by Kurtis J. Wiebe

Saga from Image by Brian K. Vaughan


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 141 – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 131

January 4, 2012

For the first episode of 2012 Scott and Steve begin with a bit of news looking at some remarkable and bizarre stories from the geek world. For the main feature we look back on 2011 and briefly discuss some of the highlights before spending time discussing comics, movies and TV shows we are really looking forward to in 2012.

Don’t forget our current book club selection – The Emperor’s Knife by Mazarkis Williams. We will be talking about this book during a live episode on Saturday 18th February as part of a live podcast to mark the official launch of GNR.

Direct Download here – Comic Book Outsiders Episode 131


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 111

May 12, 2011

This episode Scott and Steve are joined by a special guest, Barry Nugent, one of the hosts of the Geek Syndicate podcast. For this special episode they discuss fantasy novels and how they are perceived by the mainstream media and recent novel and TV successes, in particular the Game of Thrones TV series.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 111 – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 110

May 3, 2011

In this episode we begin with a variety of news and reviews, but also a reminder about the current book club selection – Zoo City by Lauren Beukes from Angry Robot books. Zoo City recently won the 25th Arthur C. Clarke Award and we will be speaking to Lauren in a few weeks time, around the start of June, about the book. So there is still plenty of time to pick up a copy of the book and send in any questions you have, plus your general comments for the discussion part of the show.

For our main feature there is the return of an old favourite, the Guilty Pleasure. In this episode Scott steps into the confessional and gets something off his chest, something he loves but perhaps shouldnt. Let us know if you share his passion for this guilty pleasure or if he needs to keep it to himself in future.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 110 – Direct Download


The Book Club – Dune by Frank Herbert

April 13, 2011

In this episode we talk about the classic science novel Dune by Frank Herbert. We discuss the story, characters and themes and we also announce the next book club selection. We put the next book to the vote and gave the listeners the choice of six books which are the Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist. I am very pleased to announce the next book club selection and the winner received a significant number of votes more than the others.

In 6-8 weeks time we will be discussing Zoo City by Lauren Beukes from Angry Robot books. I am also delighted to announce that Lauren has agreed to come onto the show and answer any questions from listeners about Zoo City. Closer to the time we will give a specific date by which time all questions should have been received, but you can send us your comments and questions at any time.

Lauren will be in the UK in two weeks time at the Eastercon event in Birmingham and there is an Angry Robot Books group signing event, so all of those attending can pick up a signed copy.

The Book Club – Dune by Frank Herbert – Direct Download


The Book Club – Arthur C. Clarke Award

March 23, 2011

This episode is focused on the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction. Scott and Steve speak to Tom Hunter, the Award Director, about how he got into reading SF and how he became involved with the award itself. They also talk about the perception of the genre and the evolution of the award over the years. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Clarke award and the discussion looks ahead to the next 25 years and challenges in the future.

Our current book club selection is Dune by Frank Herbert and the deadline to send in any comments and feedback is April 11th. For the next book club selection we are going to read one of the 6 shortlisted books for this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award. The decision about which book we choose is completely down to you, the listeners. At the bottom of the show notes, and also on the forum, website and facebook page there is a link to a survey. The shortlisted book with the most votes will be our next book club selection. So select the one you want to read and not which one you think will win, although they could be one and the same. Towards the end of the episode Scott and Steve read a brief synopsis about each of the shortlisted books but there are lots of reviews online as all of the books were published in 2010.

The Book Club – Arthur C. Clarke Award – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 104

March 2, 2011

In this episode we have a mixed news and review section covering comics, web series, the oscars and novels. There’s also been some sad news in the comics industry and a tragic loss which we discuss. For our main feature we interview Cy Dethan, a comic book writer whose current book, Slaughterman’s Creed, was just released on the Sony PSP by Markosia. We discuss his previous work and what has changed since we last spoke, what he is working on at present and his creative process.

Don’t forget our current book club selection is Dune by Frank Herbert, which we will be talking about in roughly six weeks time. So send us your thoughts, comments and feedback on the book via email, the forums, Twitter, Facebook, you can even send in an audio file of yourself if you want.

CBO Episode 104 – Direct Download