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Comic Book Outsiders Episode 131

January 4, 2012

For the first episode of 2012 Scott and Steve begin with a bit of news looking at some remarkable and bizarre stories from the geek world. For the main feature we look back on 2011 and briefly discuss some of the highlights before spending time discussing comics, movies and TV shows we are really looking forward to in 2012.

Don’t forget our current book club selection – The Emperor’s Knife by Mazarkis Williams. We will be talking about this book during a live episode on Saturday 18th February as part of a live podcast to mark the official launch of GNR.

Direct Download here – Comic Book Outsiders Episode 131


Zoo City Wins the 25th Arthur C. Clarke Award

April 27, 2011

I am very happy to announce that Zoo City won the 25th Arthur C. Clarke Award on 27th April 2011. Congratulations to Lauren Beukes and I am really looking forward to speaking to her soon about the book and the award as part of our book club. If you have any questions for the author or comments about the book then send them in to the podcast.


Gateway to comics

February 17, 2011

Steve has started doing comic book reviews and comic related posts over at He is also running a new feature called Gateway to Comics, which will try to help people get into comics who are not reading them at present. Comic shops can be intimidating, some comic books can seem totally confusing with decades of continuity to unravel, so this regular feature will offer a range of comics, across many genres, you can read without any prior knowledge.

For more info visit the introduction post at the link below


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 101

January 29, 2011

In this episode Steve is joined by a special co-host as Scott is currently offline while he moves house. Steve and David Monteith, one half of Geek Syndicate, talk some news and reviews before getting into the main topic. In the last few years there has been an upsurge in the number of comic adapted into movies, TV shows and animated shows. Steve and David put forward a few ideas of their own for properties they would like see adapted for different mediums and why.

Steve and Scott will be back in two weeks time and we’ll be discussing our current book club selection, the Masked anthology from Gallery books, edited by Lou Anders. Send in your feedback and also any ideas for the next book club selection.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 101 – Direct Download


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 100

January 15, 2011

This episode is over three and a half years in the making. Steve and Scott started podcasting back in July 2007.

Normally we would have several of our recurring segments, talk about the next book club selection and so on, but for our special 100th episode, we’ve thrown everything out the window and have decided to go for a quiz show instead. We invited Gavin and Dan from The Sidekickcast to help battle against us and it was an epic and funny struggle.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 100 – Direct Download


Forthcoming Adrian Tchaikovsky Interview

January 15, 2011

In a couple of weeks we will be interviewing Adrian Tchaikovsky about his Shadows of the Apt series just ahead of the release of book 6, The Sea Watch. If you would like to ask Adrian a question about the series then you can send Steve an email, post your question in our Facebook group, or post your question on Twitter with the hashtag #shadowsoftheapt and we’ll try to fit in as many questions as possible.




Interview with Alex Grecian – writer of Proof from Image comics

October 18, 2010

Today’s post over on my blog is an interview with Alex Grecian, who we previously interviewed on the two back in 2008 about his then new series from Image comics Proof. In the recent interview we talk about the end of season 1 of Proof and the return of the comic in Proof Endangered this December. For more information and the full interview, click here.