Comic Book Outsiders Episode 139

April 3, 2012

In this episode Steve is flying solo as Scott is off exploring the galaxy. This episode kicks off with a bit of news and reviews, including some forthcoming comics from Image, news about the BattleStar Galactics prequel series, Blood and Chrome, and news of a new TV series based on a comic.

OCT comes to TV

Chris Staros to teach at SCAD

SyFy Channel – BSG: Blood and Chrome

Revival – New series from Image comics – Seeley and Norton

Sunset – OGN from Minataur Press – Top Cow – Christos Gage

New Atomic Robo series from Red 5 Comics

For our main feature Steve spoke with Tom Hunter the award Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Award. This year there has been some controversy over the 2012 shortlist. Last year we asked our listeners to vote on their favourite from the 2011 shortlist and they chose Zoo City which then went on to win the Clarke. We also managed to speak to Lauren Beukes about Zoo City. This year we’re doing something similar with the Book Club. Click on the following link to vote on which of the 2012 Clarke Shortlist you would like the Book Club to read. Whichever book gets the most votes will be the next choice after the current one. The winner will be announced in two weeks time.

Click here to vote for the next Book Club selection

CBO episode 139 – Direct Download


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