The Book Club – Arthur C. Clarke Award

March 23, 2011

This episode is focused on the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction. Scott and Steve speak to Tom Hunter, the Award Director, about how he got into reading SF and how he became involved with the award itself. They also talk about the perception of the genre and the evolution of the award over the years. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Clarke award and the discussion looks ahead to the next 25 years and challenges in the future.

Our current book club selection is Dune by Frank Herbert and the deadline to send in any comments and feedback is April 11th. For the next book club selection we are going to read one of the 6 shortlisted books for this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award. The decision about which book we choose is completely down to you, the listeners. At the bottom of the show notes, and also on the forum, website and facebook page there is a link to a survey. The shortlisted book with the most votes will be our next book club selection. So select the one you want to read and not which one you think will win, although they could be one and the same. Towards the end of the episode Scott and Steve read a brief synopsis about each of the shortlisted books but there are lots of reviews online as all of the books were published in 2010.


The Book Club – Arthur C. Clarke Award – Direct Download


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