Comic Book Outsiders Episode 95

October 27, 2010

Welcome to the legendary Squashbuckling adventures of Captain Steve and Scott, the cabin boy! In this episode we kick off with a reminder about the current book club selection and then get into some news and reviews. We talk about new upcoming shows, a new spin off/ prequel show, casting news for a new Middle Earth movie and what some writers will do in the name of research. Don’t forget to check out Steve’s blog for novel and comic book reviews, including Sweet Tooth, Criminal and also an interview with Proof creator, Alex Grecian.

For the main feature there is a follow on discussion from last episode. This time we’re talking about good character arcs on TV. This is where a character has gone through a sigificant transformation and at the end of the show are dramatically different from the start. As usual, the conversation takes us to some unexpected places.

Comic Book Outsiders – Episode 95 – Direct Download

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