Adaptations – Comics to movies and TV

September 13, 2010

On the last episode (ep 91) I listed 17 new superhero related movies that are currently in development or production. There’s also been a recent spate of comics that have been optioned for TV and some have already gone into development. The TV show that has received the most coverage lately is The Walking Dead, which is based on a comic book from Image comics by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. One of the reasons it has attracted a lot of interest is the story, but also because of some of the big names involved behind the scenes, like Frank Darabont. Other comic books which have recently been optioned for TV are Locke and Key from IDW, a horror-drama written by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King. Chew from Image comics has also been optioned, although it’s early days and we don’t know any more at this stage. Powers, by Brian Bendis and Mike Oeming from Icon is also in development, which is a superhero related cop show. Also I shouldn’t forget the Human Target and Smallville which are currently on TV and both are based on comic properties owned by DC comics. Just last week, Stephen King’s the Dark Tower series of seven books has been optioned and is going to be developed into films, and a TV show, in parallel. Plus there’s a series of comics which are prequels which Stephen King was involved with, so there is a wealth of material to draw on for this project.

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