Comic Book Outsiders Episode 91

September 8, 2010

In this episode Scott is away so Steve is joined by Gavin Jones, one half of The Sidekick Cast, a fantastic UK comics podcast. Before they get into the news, there is a quick reminder about the book club and current selection which is Eastern Standard Tribe by Corey Doctorow. We’ll be recording the next episode in two weeks and will be discussing the book, so there is still time to pick up a copy of the book for free from Corey’s website in various document formats, or you can download it as an audio book, read by Corey Doctorow. Email your comments to Scott or Steve or post your feedback on the book on our forum. Also send us your suggestions for the next book club selection.

Steve and Gavin start the News and Reviews section talking about the upcoming UK comics convention, the British International Comics Show in Birmingham, this October 16-17th and the one day Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds on Saturday November 20th. They discuss upcoming comics which are being made into TV shows and the recent trend, as well as all of the forthcoming movies that are based on comic book characters. Other topics include file sharing, controversial creators, the new Superman graphic novels, and Brian Bendis’ latest creator owned title from Icon comics.

For our main we have a Challenge Gavin section where Steve pitches three books and tries to get Gavin interested in at least one of them to pick it up, and talk about it in a future episode. In honour of the Secrets and Lies section from the Sidekickcast, this Challenge section has a twist.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 91 – Direct Download


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