Clint Magazine – review of Issue 1 – out this week

August 30, 2010

This week marks the first issue of CLiNT, a new monthly magazine edited by Mark Millar, the creator of Kick Ass. Mark Millar has worked in comics for a long time and has written everything from Spider-man to Wolverine. He’s created a number of top selling comics for Marvel as well as a number of creator-owned work, like Kick Ass and Wanted, both of which were made into movies. His latest comic series is Nemesis, which has also been optioned for a movie.

So that gives you a bit of calibre about the editor and what he set out to do with Clint was to create a new comic magazine for young guys, between the age of 16 and 30. He believes there is a gap in the market with nothing aimed at them and after reading the first issue of Clint I can say he’s certainly knows his target market. Every newsagent is rammed with magazines, from fly-fishing and Koi monthly to Homes and Gardens, to Bathtubs and Taps monthly. Ok, I made that last one up (although it will probably exist soon enough), but how many magazines are there out there (apart from 2000AD and SFX) that are aimed at young guys that are not T and A magazines?

Click here for the rest of the review of Issue 1 of Clint magazine – out this week


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