Comic Book Outsiders Episode 85

July 7, 2010

In this episode Scott is still offline and without internet connectivity as he moves house. Steve is joined by Dave Williams, one half of the Waiting For The Trade UK comics podcast. They begin with some news and reviews, talking about some of the biggest comic news stories of the last few weeks as well as movie casting rumours, forthcoming conventions and events and some announcements made by the larger comic book publishers.

For the main feature they discuss the future of comics, specifically in the wake of recent announcements about digital comics. The two biggest comic book publishers have both made some recent commitments to digital comics and have experimented with some same day releases, putting out a digital book and physical comic. We discuss this but also wider issues including buying habits, pricing, distribution, bonuses and benefit schemes, the future of retailers, piracy and the possible future of the monthly comic. It’s a huge subject and despite talking for quite a while we barely scratch the surface, so let us know your thoughts via the forums, email, twitter or the Facebook group.

Don’t forget, our current book club selection is Stranger in a Strange Land, and the deadline to send in your comments is the week commencing 26th July. If you have any suggestions for future book club selections you can also send those in too.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 85 – Direct Download


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