Comic Book Outsiders Episode 84

June 22, 2010

In this episode Scott and Steve kick off the show with some news and reviews. We discuss current and new TV shows, digital comics and some recent developments with MGM and there is also some gaming chat. Remember our current Book Club selection is Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and we will be discussing it w/c 26th July, so pick up a copy, send us your feedback and get involved.

For our main feature we’re joined by Robert Venditti, the writer of The Surrogates, from Top Shelf comics. Last year we spoke to Robert just before the movie adaptation, starring Bruce Willis, was released in cinemas, and this time we talk about his experiences of the build up to the movie and its development from the printed page to the silver screen. We discuss his first impressions of the movie and the differences between the graphic novel and the movie. We also talk about the Surrogates prequel graphic novel, Flesh and Bone, and his plans for a third graphic novel, as well as his other work in progress, including adaptations and a new GN coming out this November from Top Shelf, The Homeland Directive.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 84 – Direct Download

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