Comic Book Outsiders Episode 72

February 24, 2010

In this episode Scott and Steve kick off with some news and reviews, looking at movies based on comics and how the two biggest comic companies are dealing with them, we look at some forthcoming movie releases, news of an odd decision by a cinema chain regarding a new release, and also some comic news from an unusual source.

For our main feature we discuss a new TV show, Caprica, which is a spin off prequel to the newly imagined BattleStar Galactica. That might sound confusing already but this show was always meant to be different, more of a drama than a sci-fi space show, and a more open and engaging programme to attract a wider audience beyond genre fans and what has been previously described as a male dominated audience for BSG. The pilot came out last year and now four or five episodes have aired. Scott and Steve discuss what they like and dislike about the show.

Don’t forget our current book club selection is The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov, and we will be talking about it in 5 episodes time in Episode 77. It’s a very short book so if you’ve already read it and want to get involved, send us your comments and we’ll try to include as many of them as we can when we discuss the book. You can suggest a future book club selection by getting in touch with us or posting on our forum. All links are on the website http://www.comicbookoutsiders.com

Episode 72 – Direct Download


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