End of Proof Season 1 from Image

January 16, 2010

Alex Grecian has previously announced the end of Season 1 of Proof, the ongoing monthly series from Image comics about John Prufrock, aka Bigfoot, who investigates things that go bump in the night with his partner Ginger. Issue 28 marks the end of the first season and Season 2 will start with a new Number 1.

On the CBR website there is an interview with writer Alex about Proof and their reasons for a new start. A great book, something unique on the shelves and it sounds as if they are doing the right thing, taking a break, catching their breath and also making sure that when the comic comes back it will stay on schedule as they were getting closer and closer to the deadline with Season 1.

The articles in the back of Proof are also really great. There was even one written by me about the Beast of Bodmin!



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