Comic Book Outsiders Episode 62

October 28, 2009

In this episode Scott and Steve start off with some TV talk – some good, some worrying and some very exciting. There is also some great news about a new comics news we’ve previously discussed. After that we get onto our main feature where we talk about comics and movies, and more specifically, what is the recipe for a good comic movie? We look at the elements we think will guarantee success, we look at previous winners and losers, and why some of the best comics have not been succesful on the big screen. Steve also pitches some comic properties to Scott for the small screen.

This subject is a massive one, so let us know your thoughts and why you think some comic films have been popular with the mainstream audience and why others have failed. And if you have any ideas of your own as to what would be good on the big screen, and what would work better on the small screen, get in touch and let us know.

Don’t forget, episode 66 will be our book club episode, and it will be this side of Christmas, so get a hold of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and join in the discussion.


Comic Book Outsiders Episode 62 – Direct Download


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