Comic Book Outsiders Episode 55

August 19, 2009

Scott is still overseas in Canada (slowly inching his way onto the set of Caprica, so watch for him in the background when it airs!) whilst Steve is back home protecting old Blighty from pirates.

In this episode there is the return of a couple of old favourites, but before that we kick off with some News and Reviews.

One of those mentioned by Steve is The Anchor by Phil Hester from Boom! Studios. Below is a link to a preview with more information about the comic.

The Anchor from Boom!

Afterwards we get back to basics with Challenge Scott, where Steve pitches three new comics to Scott and tries to get him interested in at least one of them to go and pick it up.

One of the three comics mentioned by Steve is Rapture, a new mini series from Dark Horse. As promised, the entire first issue is available to read online for for FREE.

Click here to read Rapture Issue 1 for free

After that it’s the return of a Guilty Pleasure, where once again one of us steps into the confessional and asks the listeners and their co-host for understanding and forgiveness. This time it’s Scott’s turn to try and convince Steve about a film that he likes but perhaps, shouldn’t. We’ll be discussing Slaughterhouse 5 in Episode 60, so if you’ve read it already, send us your comments via email, or post them on the forum and we’ll try to include them in the show.

Comic Book Outsiders Episode 55 – Direct Link


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