A forthcoming Graphic Novel from….Steve

July 27, 2009

The Empyre, a graphic novel written by me and drawn by an artist yet to be picked, will be published by Insomnia Publications.

To read more about it and for updates you can visit Insomnia’s weekly blog – The Red Eye

Or if you want to keep track of The Empyre you can follow its progress on the Empyre Blog

So what is it all about…..well…….

On his first day in office, the Prime Minister meets a member of his Cabinet he didn’t elect – Alistair Donovan, the Secretary of State for Nocturnal Affairs.

Donovan runs a secret government department that has existed for over a hundred years. In extreme circumstances, when a swift resolution is needed, the Prime Minister calls on Donovan and his team of hand-picked specialists.

The Empyre mixes fast-paced action with politics and drama, charting how the UK starts to become a world leader in a secret technology, and the effects it has on international politics.

If you watch 24 and The West Wing on TV and enjoy comics such as Ex-Machina and Queen and Country then keep your eye out for more news on this one in future.


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