Comic Book Outsiders – The Amazon Stores

July 11, 2009

We recommend a lot of comics, movies and, more recently, books on the show and wherever possible we try to point people towards their local comic shop. However, we realise that some people don’t always have a local one, and it is sometimes difficult to get hold of the things we talk about. Plus some people start with the most recent episodes and work their way backwards, and we didn’t want them to miss out on some of the great stuff we’ve talked about.

So we have created our own Amazon Stores (one for the US and one for the UK) and I’ve gone back through all the episodes and compiled a massive list. These are works in progress, and I probably haven’t got everything and have missed a couple of items, but they can be easily updated. I’ve also added all of our book club selections and future selections will be added when announced.

So if you like the sound of anything we’ve talked about in an episode, you can now pick it up from one place. If you can’t find something in particular on there, or want a recommendation in a particular comics genre (western, horror etc) then let one of us know and we’ll add it as quickly as possible to the Amazon store and get back to you.

Comic Book Outsiders – UK Amazon Store

Comic Book Outsiders – US Amazon Store


Scott and Steve


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