Comic Book Outsiders Episode 46 – Bristol Special

May 14, 2009

Bringing you some of the very best hidden gems from the worlds of independent comics movies and TV.

Welcome to the Bristol convention special! After some news and reviews we get down to the main business of the show which is talking about one of the big events in the UK comics calendar, the Bristol International Comic Expo, which this year joined forces with the Small Press Expo in a nearby hotel.

After the chat is a great roundtable discussion featuring Orangutan Comics, Monkeys with Machine Guns , Geek Syndicate and 1/2 of Comic Book Outsiders.

This is a long one folks, so make yourself a cup of tea! However if you’re not interested in convention talk then rest assured we’ll be back to normal next episode. You’ve got a couple of weeks left to read Fahrenheit 451 for the book club and we’ll look forward to receiving your feedback.

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  1. […] The last, I think, of our podcast appearances from the Bristol Con 2009 is featured in Comic Book Outsiders Episode 46. […]

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