Being Human – now on DVD

April 20, 2009

Being Human, the BBC 3 drama about a vampire, werewolf and ghost, living together in a flat in Bristol is now available on DVD from April 20th 2009. Last year the BBC commissioned a number of TV pilots from different creative teams, and the most popular would be considered for something more. Being Human was highly successful, and an online campaign helped attract a lot of attention and a few months later it was commissioned for a 6 episode series which aired in early 2009.

The show is a mix of drama, horror and comedy, and the closest touchstones are things like Buffy and Angel. It is incredibly dark in some places, very funny in others, and it carries a 15 certificate, so is not suitable for younger viewers due to the subject matter and other adult content.

The series was an absolute delight. Clever and very well written with snappy dialogue, it explored some dark places in the lives of the three main characters, with each of them trying to come to terms with what they are and, at the same time, maintain a normal life and just fit in with their neighbours on a normal street in Bristol. They manage to pack a lot into the six episodes and the plot keeps moving briskly with each, even when some episodes focus on one character and we get a more in depth exploration of their situation and daily life.

All three actors, Russell Tovey, Lenora Critchlow and Aidan Turner are fantastic who you might have seen here and there in other shows like Doctor Who, The History Boys and The Tudors. In Being Human they are able to truly shine and prove themselves to be among some of the best of young British talent. The outstanding performance probably goes to Russell Tovey who displays remarkable range and can slip from almost Lee Evans comedic timing and physicality to utterly soul-drained emotional torment the next. Never again will you think it might be cool to be a werewolf after you witness what he goes through physically and emotionally each month which is utterly horrific.

This is British TV and the BBC at its best and I’m very happy to say Being Human did so well it has been picked up for a second season, which will be eight episodes long. To fill the gap between now and then, check out the DVD which includes a bunch of extras and the six episodes to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


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