Red Dwarf Convention – Better Than Life

February 17, 2009

Recently the numbers of people watching Red Dwarf on the Dave channel in the UK has made a few people sit up and notice as it is now approaching its 22nd year and so a whole new generation of people are finding out about it. As a result of this, two brand new episodes have been commissioned and will be shown on Dave during the Easter weekend starting April 10th. There are also two others, one bloopers and another behind the scenes I believe.

Also inspired by this is the Better than Life convention where the guests so far are

Craig Charles
Chris Barrie
Robert Llewellyn
Danny John-Jules
Norman Lovett
Hattie Hayridge
Chloe Annett
Steven Wickham (Gelf Bride)

The event will be held on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th June 2009 in The Park Inn, Bedford.

Visit http://www.massiveevents.co.uk/betterthanlife/ for more information and to book your tickets and tell them you were sent by the Comic Book Outsiders.



  1. This is an unofficial convention, not endorsed by Grant Naylor Productions, the BBC or Dave. It seems to exist solely to rip off the fans. The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club are expected to announce their latest Dimension Jump convention soon – hold out and go to that one, unless you want to pay extortionate prices for autographs and photos, rather than getting them for free at DJ.

  2. Thanks for the info Ian, I look forward to seeing an announcement about the Dimension Jump convention soon. As for it being a rip off, since I don’t know the organisers, nor at this time know how much they are charging for an autograph, I wouldn’t like to make such an accusation about the price. Actually a quick look at their website does give you the prices for different levels of ticket and how much they charge and it seems very reasonable to me.

    However, it is also typically for guests to charge for an autograph or photograph, and indeed many TV and film stars attend unofficial conventions, or collectormania type events such as those held in Milton Keynes. I don’t think this event exists to rip off the fans, more so allow them to meet the stars, and if there was a serious problem with I doubt the stars of Red Dwarf would all have signed on.

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