BBC Reveals New Dr. Who

January 3, 2009

Since it was revealed some time ago that David Tenant would be leaving the role of Dr. Who after filming four specials in 2009 (the first of which is due to start filming next week) speculation has been rife about who would be taking over the mantle of TVs most famous time traveller.

I seem to recall that after Christopher Ecclestone quit, David Tenant immediately became the favourite and it wasn’t a great surprise when he was revealed, however this time round it seems like an open race.  The previous favourite, David Morrissey, seemed to be the BBC throwing us a curve-ball as his role of ‘The Other Doctor’ turned out to be a normal human with memory loss.

Others mentioned in relation to the role (in more or less the order of betting, favourite-to-outsider) have been Paterson Joseph (favourite), Sean Pertwee, James Nesbitt (would be great, but seems unlikely), Russell Tovey (Russell T. Davies favourite to take over), James McAvoy (another fave of mine), Chiwetel Ejiofor (if only – he’d be awesome).

Well, as I sit here, there’s 7 minutes to go until the start of the big reveal, so I’ll post it as soon as I know!

They’ve just said he’s going to be the youngest Dr. ever, so Russell Tovey is sounding more likely – they’ve also said it’s a 26 year old – which Russell Tovey is.

Wow – big surprise.  It’s turned out to be Matt Smith, a colleague of Russell Tovey from the History Boys.  Interesting choice!  Will have to see how things turn out.

So here he is, the 11th Doctor – Matt Smith


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