The Wrestler – Trailer

December 8, 2008

Mickey Rourke has had a rocky career and he’s the sort of guy who has a face that tells you he’s been there, and gone back for seconds and thirds, then got stomped on, chewed up and spat out. Despite some of the issues in his personal life, demons to overcome and such, he’s proving that he is a talented actor once again with this movie that won the Golden Lion, the top award at the Venice Film Festival. It looks awesome. It may look a little cheesy at times, but you know what, things are tough right now, wherever you are, whatever line of work you do, times are hard, and this film is a feel good one that I want to see because the trailer makes me feel something. Just the trailer. It hits all the right marks for me.  So when it comes out next year, go and see it and just enjoy it.


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