Legend of the Seeker – new TV series

November 1, 2008

I stumbled across this whilst looking for something else and oh my lordy, it looks awesome. Why has no one been talking about this? It’s a new TV series from ABC with Sam Raimi producing, and it’s based on a series of books by Robert Goodkind.

It premiers today, 1st November, with a two hour pilot, and you can watch a preview online, a tonne of interviews with the cast and trailers and it looks like a daily dose of action fantasy, in a Lord of the Rings style epic tale of adventure. The show is filmed in New Zealand, so you get the epic landscapes and amazing scenery. It’s also got a great actor who I recognised straight away that I’ve been watching in films since my childhood, Bruce Spence. If you don’t know the name he’s been in everything from Star Wars, to Lord of the Rings, to where I first saw him Mad Max 2. Check out the trailer and if you are in the US take a look at the show, and let me know what it was like as we probably won’t get it in the UK for a while, if ever.




  1. Can’t wait to see it finally!

  2. My Husband read the books series a few years ago.We were excited that it was going to be on tv. We saw the tv guide it said 10pm (we just went through a time change and didn’t thing about changing the time on out tv. SO at ten we turned it on. It was half way over. Yes we had one hour to watch. But we missed the 1st part. sigh.
    It was really good. Now were just trying to find when and where if its going to be reaired. They defenetly have skipped alot. But thats what they got to do in a tv serise. You should read the BOOKs!!


  3. Thanks for the comments. I should do what you suggest and check out the books, Melissa. I’ve not watched it yet, but I’m just about to sit down and watch the first (maybe even the second) episode.

    We’ll try to talk about it on a future show.


  4. My wife and I have become ardent fans of this series. It’s not staggeringly profound or original, but it features a likable cast and serves as a nice, weekly fantasy fix.

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