Comic Book Outsiders Episode 27 – What If…..Firefly & Hidden Gem

October 21, 2008

Bringing you some of the very best hidden gems from the world of independent comics, movies and TV.

This episode is our last international one as Scott is soon set to return to England. In the second of our new format episodes we have two segments to this show, What If…where we have a lengthy discussion about the repercussions of a TV show not being cancelled. This is in terms of the show itself and the wider scope of TV in general and this episode we talk about Firefly.

Our second segment is the familiar Hidden Gem where we talk about the classic 1981 film Excalibur.

As ever if you want to get in touch about anything we’ve talked about in this episode you can email us individually at steve@comicbookoutsiders.com or scott@comicbookoutsiders.com. You could also let us know what you think with a review at our myspace, facebook, and libsyn pages, or leave us an iTunes review. Or just let us know in this very thread!

Episode 27 – Direct Download

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