My Own Worst Enemy – made of awesome

October 14, 2008

Over here in Canada they’ve been heavily advertising a new show called ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ starring Christian Slater, who’s career has been a bit patchy but has certainly appeared in some great things.

I have to say, based on the trailer I thought it looked terrible, but gladly the trailer didn’t do it justice at all.  The plot sounds along similar sorts of lines as the new Joss Whedon show ‘Dollhouse’ (currently suspended) but Joss could have a challenge on his hands to outdo this.

Christian Slater stars as some sort of uberspy.  Think of James Bond but more trigger happy and with a higher libido (often combining the two as we see in the opening scene).  But once a mission is over his memory gets implanted with his ‘sleeper’ personality and he turns into a calm, benign family guy.  Two people living in the same body.

All is well and good until the two parts of his personality start impinging on each other.  It’s awkward enough when uberspy Slater has to pretend he’s a family man when he wakes up not knowing where he is, but that’s nothing compared to what happens when family man Slater wakes up in Russia during the middle of a torture session…

Fantastic show.  Check out the trailer, but I warn you, it’s nowhere near as good as the show.

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