Countdown to Heroes Season 3 Premiere

September 23, 2008

I’ve never been in North America for a major season premiere before.  However that’s all about to change.  It’s approximately 8:05pm here and there’s 53.47 seconds until the S3 premiere of Heroes.  How do I know that, because there’s a one hour countdown on the TV screen as we get a one hour warm up show to the main event.

The event is in front of a huge audience with all the stars of the show there.  It looks like a massive awards ceremony.  We started of with Masi Oka, then a little piece from Hayden Pannetiere and we’re getting a few sneak peaks now.  I’ll keep live blogging as the show goes on to give some thoughts.  I’m not going to spoil anything major (not even seen S3E1 yet) but I will discuss in general terms what they talk about in the build-up show, so if you’re extra spoiler sensitive then you’ve been warned!

Initial feeling is that this looks REALLY exciting.  Not watched it yet (obviously), but it looks like they might just have addressed the problems I had with S2.

T minus 51 minutes:  Wow, it’s not even started yet and we’ve had a major revelation relating to Syler and an ally we didn’t know he had.  Right before we switch to commercial.

T minus 47:31:  Zachary Quinto is introducing a fluff piece about the Star Trek references in Heroes.  Yawn.  Making me excited for JJ Abrams new Trek film though.

T minus 42:33: Ali Larter presenting now, talking about the MySpace competition to find the biggest Heroes fans.  Some nice user submitted videos, then straight to Sendhil Ramamurthy talking about the special effects and make-up.

T minus 35:17:  Wow, Masi Oka as well as being a genius and working for ILM is also the equivalent of a first degree Black Belt in Kendo.  Yatta!

T minus 33:08:  Talking about the Heroes ARG (alternate reality game).  It looks awesome, lots of extra background stuff.  They’ve done cool webstuff in the past but it appears that they’re taking it to the next level this year.  Damn – some of the cast are really good at reading autocue in the in-between bit, but some are bloody awful.

T minus 28:41:  Talking more about the SFX.  Specifically how they did the show where the Petrelli brother disappear into the sky and blow up.  Surprising how much of it was physically done with wire work.  Lead into Malcolm MacDowell (they’re all coming out tonight) taking us into another sneak peak of what’s in store for us.


T minus 20:50:  Just seen Hiro’s new nemesis.  They’re done a really nice effect to show their super power – back to another SFX showpiece.  When Hiro saves the schoolgirl from the bus, back in S1 episode 1 or 2.  Just as Mohinder takes us to another sneak peak, showing us a confrontation between to main characters.

T minus 14:21:  Nice.  Zachary Quinto just told us that when Sylar was kept at the paper factory he was held on ‘Level 2’.  Apparently this year we get to find out who is held on ‘Level 5’.  Looks like Mr. Lindemann might be back this season.  Now we’re getting a piece to camera by Micah – he’s better than most of the older cast.

T minus 7:00:  “My name is Claire Bennet, and this is attempt number 7”.  And what an attempt!

T minus 4:40:  Masi Oka is so cool.  Getting a reminder of what happened at the end of S2.  Setting up the big question “Who shot Nathan Petrelli?”

T minus 1:00:  That’s it.  Very exciting.  I’m outta here!


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