Top Cow Comics Pilot Season 2 reveals winners

September 18, 2008

As we spoke about in a couple of previous episodes, Top Cow were running a unique competition in the comics industry. They release the first issue of a number of new series, then fans go onto the myspace page and vote for their favourite. You can vote once a day and for whichever comic you want. The two comics with the most votes at the end of voting period get picked up for a monthly ongoing.

I read a number of the pilot season books for 2008, and my two favourites were Urban Myths and Genius. My least favourite was Twilight Guardian, not because it was a bad premise, far from it in fact, I thought it sounded a lot like Kick Ass from Mark Millar, but from an even more realistic and less cartoony perspective, for want of a better phrase. The main character was a middle aged woman working through some issues and instead of dealing with it in the usual way, she went out and patrolled her local area at night. She didn’t wear spandex and develop superpowers, she was just a person with issues trying to cope. Sadly, in my opinion, the build up was better than the execution of the story. All of what I had read didn’t come through on the page in the comic. I was left feeling flat and the pilot didn’t make me want to see more.

Irony knows no bounds, of course, as the two books that received the most votes were Genius, and….Twilight Guardian. So, a lot of people saw something I didn’t. I’m going to go back and read it again and see if I can dig deeper and find more on a second and even a third reading. Congrats to the creators and maybe they will overcome my initial issues and prove me wrong and I may end up loving the series as time goes by. I sincerely hope so. I’m also glad to see the creators of Highwaymen, Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin, (a 5 issue mini series from Wildstorm comics) are back and getting lots of attention with Genius.



  1. Sorry the one-shot didn’t grab you. Hopefully we can win you back with the series. Thanks much for the mention!

  2. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for posting, and yeah, maybe I just needed a bit more than I got from one issue. As I said the premise appeals to me a great deal, maybe it’s because I’m a bit older and more able to relate to the main character than a teenager, but I will definitely be checking out the series. So congrats and hats off to you. I’m looking forward to seeing where Twilight Guardian goes from here.


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